1. KP, your face don’t look so hot in this shot. Kinda looks like Tori Spelling.
    However I will gladly visit your lemonade stand……just let me know when you’re open for business. You can tell me all about the wedding plans, and I’ll help you with your bra straps.

  2. Robot

    She actually looks fucking good in the last picture. But besides that she never looks all that special to me.

  3. The Only Hetero Male in this Joint

    I CERTAINLY hope this one doesn’t EVER have the gall to say that she wants to be taken seriously and not just be worshipped for being the big breasted tease that she is. Jesus – just drop the strategically placed arm B.S. and show us some t*t. That’ll make me happy and… who knows….maybe you’ll feel better for having done it…or not. I don’t give a cr*p.

  4. ???

    Check out the Photoshop job they did on this one! She’s looking super hot, but they butchered her bellybutton/stomach area.

  5. ObviousOne

    “Daisy dukes Bikini on top”…..did I just say that out loud???

  6. Wootless

    Jorts are not a good idea, on anyone EVER

  7. Nique

    You are not that skinny Katie

    • mafme

      No, that photo is either badly shot or photoshopped to hell and back. I don’t know why, it’s not like she’s fat or has an unattractive body. someone needs to stop letting straight women and gay men decide what it an ideally attractive body type is on a woman.

  8. This is her best pic…

  9. dee

    Really butched her midsection in this picture..her stomach is not that flat naturally and they are stupid for trying to make it so.

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