1. Cock Dr

    A truly frightening series of photos.
    Her implants are so large & straining the skin that it appears she may explode.
    It’s as if they were getting ready to do a major surgery on her & needed to expand her skin for grafting. Shame on the person who did such shoddy work, but I suppose Ms Price insisted that they be that size.
    Thought for sure that thing on her head was PhotoShopped. What a freak show.

  2. Deanna

    Apple chose her to rep their company? I don’t understand how a company like Apple thinks this woman will help sell their merch, why is this girl popular?? How do people look at her and say ‘i’ll take what she’s selling’? This girl is the definition of repulsive, how did she get to where she is?? I DON’T FUCKING UNDERSTAND

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