1. Amairani

    the concealment of Suri stknis of Tom trying to manipulate the situation by creating mystery and thereby driving the price up. Over at People, a source tells TMZ that the photos would fetch less than Shiloh’s. The source says the main draw is not the baby or Tom but Suri’s mom People are fascinated by Katie Holmes, who’s leading such a weird life now, transforming from an apple-cheeked All-American girl into the Bride of Scientology. An Us Weekly source also believes that Suri photos would be a less valuable commodity than Shiloh pics. The thinking Brad and Angelina were beautiful and romantic after their baby was born. The source says the value in Suri pics have more to do with the freak factor of her parents.And there’s this One editor told TMZ that the price of the photographs would depend in no small part on where the proceeds from the sale end up, implying that it would be a very different matter if the millions went to African orphans than straight into the coffers of the Church of Scientology.

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