1. MCLyte

    If that’s pregnant, then I’m full term!!! LOL!! Plus, she wouldn’t be wearing such a form fitting top if she was trying to hide anything! I love these “reports” of pure nonsense. Why I’m commenting…who knows.

  2. Whitney

    Must have had a bored news day with that one. She has had a kid before of coarse she is gonna have a pouch. I’m itty bitty and I have one from my son who wasn’t even a big baby, as a matter of fact he was 6,7. Stars aren’t allowed to be like normal human beings are they. If they sport a tummy they must be pregnant. Who the hell cares? If they get pregnant everyone will find out at one point or another. A baby does come out of it. Stop acting like a damn high school gossiper, damn. Get your facts straight before you post. It would be nice to read. She took a pregnancy test. Katie Holmes IS expecting again. Not, she has a tummy, she MIGHT be preggers.

  3. kate

    Does she do ANYTHING other than shop these days???…

  4. Jessicap

    If i were her, and I were “stuck” in a life with TC, I’d be shopping all the time too. What else does she have to do? I’m just surprised she doesn’t have her spider monkey/death spawn with her.

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