1. Barney Stinson

    Well…. she shouldn’t.

  2. NYC I Banker

    She needs a one piece, … with a skirt.

  3. skullfucked

    what the hell? her last bikini picture she DIDNT have a penis button. Is that thing like a turkey thermometer? “Tom, the turkey’s done. Get off of me.”

  4. Coyote

    There are some things no one should have to look at. Katie Holmes is one of them

  5. Double D

    That navel is the closest thing to a penis Tom Cruise has had in his mouth, except for lots and lots of guys’ penises.

    • Linda

      I’m not sure, but I think a plastic surgeon could fix that terrible belly button thing that she has. She really, really needs to go check it out.

  6. tracy


  7. tracy

    You would think with all that $, she could have bought a chest, and fixed that tummy.

  8. arnieblackblack

    Get that rich breeding container a f**king mu-mu stat! Bitch get yo burkha on before Tommy boy starts sucking on that dicky nip-nip b-button like it’s the last penis at the glory hole.

  9. j/k

    Oh yeah Kelly Ripa? Let’s whip’em out and see who’s is bigger!

  10. deb.ruby.roberts

    Poor thing. She really doesn”t look very healthy or attractive.

  11. Dolman

    The belly thing is nasty…wear a one piece! Please!

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