1. NYC I Banker


  2. NYC I Banker

    Oh my fucking god! What an ugly ducklin’ anorexic!

  3. MisterSuccint

    It seems “The Gift” was returned.
    Perhaps Tom exchanged it for his pool hat?

  4. Lauvie

    These pictures look fake, how could her stomach look flat and toned when she’s standing up and look that bad when she’s sitting…

    • bi chick

      Because the skin is taught enough when standing, but wrinkles when she sits. Just like how some peoples’ stomach looks flat when standing, but the get a pooch or a roll when they sit. This only looks ‘freakish’ because 99% of celebs get tummy tucks to cut out their extra skin after giving birth. I applaud her for staying natural!

      Katie is pretty damn skinny, a few extra lbs might help ‘use up’ that skin.

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