1. Melissa

    SO PRETTY!!!

  2. Sin

    Damn, she looks better now than she has in years.

  3. fred

    those are some serious flapjacks. her face is pretty though.

    • Blech


      Rock on, Katie. You look stunning! Keep blowing these blond plastic bitches out of the water, please.

      • Anon

        Blech is an insecure mong who sucks men off and cries when they never call her back! D’awwww….

        It’s fun to make assumptions about people just for saying stuff on the internets! :D

        Fred is right. Flapjack city. She’s hot, but not a good choice to showcase those in that cut.

      • a, north vancouver, bc CANADA

        funny – but personally, me thinks she’s an UGLY mutt.

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