1. Love it, embracing your body with pride instead of fucking it up with plastic surgery!

  2. gary coleman's ghost

    When we first met, my wife was a college cheerleader with abs so tight you could bounce a quarter of them. Her natural C-cup boobs were so high and firm that you’d thought they were sculpted by Michelangelo himself. And her ass, so round and curvaceous it would make BeyoncĂ© weep. However, by the time our second kid came along, her stomach looked like an Atlas road map, her boobs drooped like a water balloon being held by its knot. And it made me realize something very important about Mother Nature: and that is: she must have a dick because she fucked my wife harder than I ever could.
    On that same note, looks like she slipped Demi Moore and Katie Holmes some serious pipe too.


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