1. dawn

    You do realize she 48! How many 48 year olds look like that? Not many. she is pretty hot!


    I’d do her

  3. adolf hitler

    id let her give me a blow job, but would do nothing for her.


    History has shown you are not a giving person

  5. hH

    oh fish! c’mon. give her a break! she still looks good. sheesh.

  6. She looks better than my wife and they’re the same age.

  7. Lacey

    I think she looks pretty freakin’ good! That figure @ 48? I’d take that!

  8. still smokin..i beg for my wife to look like that at 48..but what matters is she good in bed..if shes an ice queen, who cares.

  9. De Vo 69

    I would tear that ass up she is still hot aside from her stomach everything else is bangin ! I hope my women looks like that at 48!

  10. shan danger

    how did they manage to attach kathy ireland’s head to ke$ha’s body? whew, science!

  11. gixitetr


  12. sooooooosuperficial

    One good fart and that ab bloating would be history.

  13. Just_As_it_IS

    I am glad to see the majority of these posts are from real worldly people. Calling her wearing a bikini a “bad idea” makes you see how narrow-sighted are people on this site, accustomed to only slim plastic bodies. Shame on anyone not having perfect measurements, huh? So, just like almost all of the posters in here, I’d date her any time… and so much more.

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