1. danny

    MY EYES!!!!

  2. Jason

    Please make the pain go away…I’ve never before wanted to be blind.

  3. superALEX

    I thought the holocaust was over

  4. Ed

    What is it?

  5. Laura

    WHAT is the problem here??? She’s in incredible shape! She’s too pale? If she was African and I said Jesus Christ lock the slaves back up, somehow they got out and put on far too little clothing; pretty sure I’d get called a racist. What difference does it make if she’s pale. Get over it.

  6. GamerEdie

    When Jabba the Hut meets Nutrisystem.

  7. Anon

    Holy stomach flap, Batman!

  8. Deeds

    I really hope she doesn’t try to take a greyhound bus anywhere, because Corpses are not an acceptable for of baggage.

  9. bewbs

    That face + That body = The reanimated skeletal zombie remains of Michael Jackson

  10. bassackwards

    AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH……the creature…….KILL IT….KILL IT…..It will eat your young!!!!!!

  11. Julia


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