1. Cock Dr

    I hope she has a good dermatologist on speed dial.

  2. toopier

    I think I see a human face on the surface! Oh, sorry its just an area of flat-topped mesa-like features.

  3. Blech

    Fish, I just ate–

    Too late.

  4. SunshineK

    What the HELL are those red marks on her back???? ACNE? *gags*

  5. Julia

    Ewww, wtf is on her back.

  6. Double D

    If you want to know what sex with Kathy Griffin is like, just hump a sack of potatoes.

  7. Bob Guccione

    Jabba the Hut meet Kathy Griffin.

  8. dan

    pretty hot for an old ginger .

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