1. Keno

    Bad photoshop job. I can still see the base of her tail.

  2. Just had lunch and promptly lost it. Thanks

  3. even her ass crack is wrinkled. your move Janice Dickinson.

  4. She is annoying as hell. But yeah, I would.

  5. JimBB

    I have a long-standing policy of refusing to put my penis in anything that has ever hosted Quentin Tarantino’s penis. So far this policy has served me very well, and so I’m sticking to it.

  6. Still less freckles than Lohan.

  7. Naked photos of Kathy Griffin shouldn’t be legal. Damn First Amendment, you’ve screwed us all again!

  8. I don’t have any problem with her. I would.

  9. She has a future as Lindsay’s body double.

  10. mel

    eh, I’d take a whiff – just to say that I have.

  11. Honestly, other than her face and her body, you have to admit – she’s a very attractive woman… if you can look past her personality.

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