1. A scene from the George Clooney sequel, “The Men Who Would Make Love to Old Goats”

  2. ainemoire

    Heya soldier – nice wedding ring.

  3. EB

    At least she had the decency to trim her muff.

  4. Mmmmh Baby!!!

    Hell, she looks good at her age! Imagine KK, JWow, Paris when they get this old, if the y live that long. All modern celebs are druggies, but KATHY could not’ve been much prior to this. Again, all modern celebs are gonna look like KEITH RICHARDS or BOB DYLAN, the rate they’re going at. That prime ASS of Kathy’s looks mucho, mucho better than KK’s! Hers’ have the size and I’d do a KAMIKAZE dive into that ass in a heartbeat!

  5. Dick Throbbin

    The idiot kissing her must be part of DADT or he’s JUST back from months alone in the wilds of Afghanistan where he saw ONLY goats.

    Fuck, she’s friggin’ hideous.

  6. tiger8u2

    Brave, yes, appropriate, probably not. Hilarious, Yes! Remember, first and foremost this woman is a comedian. She did it for the shock value, she did it for the notoriety it would bring. She did it because even at her age she can get a grown man to fantasize about tagging that ass. She saluted the troops in a fashion that made Bob Hope famous among the military. Definite Cougar alert! I salute her above and below the belt.

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