1. Tommy Lee's Cock

    Damn bulimia does her good!

  2. David

    I’d still bang her

  3. Dave

    That’s the hottest drag queen I’ve ever seen.

  4. Alex

    Dude, I would KILL to look like her when I’m 50, or whatever. Except for the whole face thing.

  5. S'up Bitches

    Christ! I’m not pre-approved for finger hut credit! What the fuck is a finger hut anyway? Sounds gross. Which brings me back to Griffin’s body. You know, kind of gross, like a hut made out of fingers. Or full of fingers. Or fingers made out of huts? Which ever you prefer.

  6. kristen

    AMAZING for her age :) yo go kathy

  7. Anne S

    She looks amazing! shes had struggles with her weight and finally the hard work has paid off! Dont hate haters!!!!

  8. Ned

    Perhaps the most overrated “entertainer”. Just not that interesting or funny.

  9. Mike

    She’s a hot lady for 50. you’ll appreciate older pussy later in life boys…if you like pussy at all.

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