1. Tommy Lee's Cock

    The bulimia is really doing wonders for her! Now if only she could do something about that face…

  2. Natalie

    She looks pretty darn good for 50 years old (all plastic surgery aside)!

  3. Eric

    Butter face.

    She does have a nice body, but she has a coyote ugly personality.

  4. Darsch

    Why??? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????

  5. Heaven

    I was at that concert, right at the front and let me tell you, she has one flabby ass in person!!!

  6. Kalgary Klutz

    Kathy is an intelligent, witty and funny woman. I love her political incorrectness and her desire to ridicule the most vain and shallow people on the planet. On top of all of this she has a smokin’ body, and to be honest I would like to drink her bathwater!

  7. Forgetit

    I’m about to have an Oedipal moment and pluck out my eyes. It’s hard enough to hear the crap coming out of her mouth, then to see the crap coming out of that bikini. Talent? As much talent as a kitten playing with a ball of string – entertaining for 5 seconds then you’re over it when you realize that it amounts to NOTHING

  8. What? Did she leave the comedy club to become a clown? UGLYyyyyyyyyy…….

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