1. Deacon Jones

    I would bottle her bath water and drink it from a straw all day long if I could. Dear LORD.

  2. That Dude

    This may come of as petty or hater-ish but it just seems like some cosmic joke that someone can be born that damn beautiful. I’m not sure she could be more perfect….

  3. Kludge Hacker

    No ass pictures at all? Really? Her face is great and all but sometimes you gotta hit it from the back…

  4. “Welcome to my spank bank Ms Webb. Please enjoy your stay. Why is Dame Judi Dench here? You don’t need to worry about that.”

  5. FakeTitSpotter

    Geez. So young with fake tits? Come on!

  6. Nelson Mandela

    A horseface is a horseface of course, of course.

  7. Carl

    Two words. Jerking now.

  8. coolhand luke

    You are way too hot and classy to be with someone who acts like such a little bitch.
    Dude, nobody cares about your football accomplishments, deuschbag.

    • hmm, let’s see – she obviously DOES care, but then, you don’t. I betcha McCarron will learn to live with the disappointment of you not caring about his football accomplishments. He can console himself with all the attention he’s getting from the national media, his school’s students & alumni, soon the NFL and their trainloads of money, and oh yeah, his smoking hot young girlfriend. Not disagreeing with you calling him a douche over this, but hey, his gf is f’ing HOT!

  9. amir

    I don’t know… those teeth. She’s one of those women who looks striking at first, then just kind of …meh.

    • Yeah, I know what you’re saying, bro… I had high standards, too… 30 years ago. You think this might have something to do with why I still live in my mom’s basement, waiting for that “special one”?

  10. Mind yours

    Bad tan, too thin, fake tits, horse teeth. The rest is smoking hot.

  11. Yoda Mann

    Holy mother of Pearl Bailey.

    Any you homos nitpick this ain’t never gettin none of this nebber.

  12. Yoda Mann

    Come back, Brent. All is forgiven.

  13. Frankly, my first impression of her on TV that day was “looks like a bitch”. Not that I’d tell her.

  14. I’d like to put my penis into her vagina.

  15. LilDeuceDeuce

    I wish I could comment on the pic that appears on the front page. It’s probably an unfortunate shadow, but she looks like she’s packing a Hamm-and-a-half.

  16. popwilleatitself

    Does Anti-Kim Kardashian mean privacy prude?

  17. Kay

    She’s pretty but only with her mouth close. I think her huge veneers are to distracting and make her look like as some others call it “horse face” And I don’t know about you, but rednecks have like their own kind of breed, you can spot one in a crowd of other caucasians.

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