1. YadaYada

    [In my best English accent]: I’ve been a big admirer of her prodigious melons for years now. Quite fond of them, indeed. Anyone who says otherwise is being daft and is a bloody liar.

  2. If you have streaming Netflix, check out “Holy Smoke”. A tad weird movie, but, she is so hot in that one. Check it out. You’re welcome.

  3. Deacon Jones

    Nice tits?

  4. Mom boobs are the best thing about a woman getting pregnant. Too bad they are wasted on kids.

  5. JosephRejekt

    After doing the Titanic, she decided she wanted a pair of Tit-anics of her own.

  6. She is so fucking sexy. I saw a mini-interview with her on the tube and she was talking about yesterday’s earthquake in L.A, her first one ever. She said she was pumping breast milk. So she moved into a doorway and simply continued. What a gal!

  7. Ivy Drip

    Wonderful tits, and I’m a straight woman … LOL

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