1. papastryfe

    The Man Show is back. “DANCE, HISTORICAL JUGGY FIGURES.”

  2. Kodos

    Some fine globes there…

  3. atotacad

    Look at the size of those canned hams.

  4. Move: Flying Clam Scissor performed on Leslie Mann.

  5. Enviable tits but a butt face.

  6. Guy

    Globular warming.

  7. Poor Cameron & Leslie. They never had a chance against these beautiful twins.

    • I’m a perv like any other guy, but I disagree wich you…. boobs don’t stand out to me personally as much as legs and hair, for ex. Cameron has the MILF thing going for her. And I don’t get ppl’s fascination with Upton at all…… I prefer Brooklyn Decker as potential “hottest girl in Hollywood” but… Upton is beautiful, no doubt.

  8. Carly

    She can’t even keep them in her bra.
    Everyone’s probably gonna see the movie because of her, she’s a great commercial and hiring her was a brilliant strategical move. No one seems to be interested in Diaz, nor Mann.

    • It’s not like that quiet yet, Carly. I would not see a movie JUST because Upton or some other young sexy girl is in it. I like Mann for George of the Jungle, for example, and would see a movie ’cause she’s in it. I honestly can’t stand Judd Apatow’s humor……. makes me wanna punch things…. I miss her older works.
      A pretty girl makes for good cinematography if casted well. Like Jessica Simpson in Employee of the Month, or Brooklyn Decker in Just Go With It. Just ’cause a girl’s got a nice rack and tan body isn’t enough to bring guys like myself to see a movie. A porno… maybe, a movie, no :D.

    • KingRamses

      “brilliant strategic move”, too much. I doubt there were any brainstorming sessions to conceive the notion, “cast a woman with large breasts”.

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