1. They’re going to smear the paint…yeah, smear that f***king paint…yeah, that’s nice…

  2. the greatest benefits of being a lesbian artist.

  3. Drundel

    I love the picture holding the tit up. How do I get that job?

  4. Charmless Man

    I’m holding this titty for ART!

  5. Those lezbos have so much data in their spank banks that their evening will include writhing around in luke warm bath water while lavender scented candle wax is pours out onto the tub. Their fingers will be extra wrinkly.

  6. brutony

    Shes got to put some meat on dem bones! Too skinny for me-even when shes pushing in and holding up her itty bittys theyre still not that big!

  7. BEN


  8. Skeets

    Homeboy from the previous picture has basketball grip on it. I’m not mad at ‘em. He’s prolly had to play gay for years just to get to this pinnacle of his life. Well played “gay” man, well played.

  9. dick

    Does her pussy smell like paint too.

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