1. Thedumper

    That freckle on the underside of her boob is the sexiest freckle ever.

  2. Dr. Underpants

    Those jiggly titties will be a mess when she’s 40, but for right now – she’s just perfect.

  3. Panty Thief

    Not attractive at all by model standards — thick, rectangular waist and below average face. She’s gotta be blowing someone up high to be getting all this press.

    • Winein' Seacrest

      You’re right; I’m sure the virtual girl you’ve created in World of Warcraft is much more perfect than her. You’d cum on yourself if she was ever in the same zip code as you but since you probably never leave your mom’s basement, drink some more Mt. Dew and eat some Cheetos you piece of $hit.

    • Frugal Gourmet

      You fucking scrub

  4. yowillie

    Love to give her a pearl necklace.

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