1. buzz

    LOL….only a country girl would think seducing her own family members to get out of chores is the thing to do.

  2. Short Round

    How this cow ever got to fame is not entirely a mystery. How she stayed there so long is. We’ve seen much hotter chicks on the Chive Fish so often links.

    • God: “On this day I shall feed the hungry children, punish the wicked who prey upon them, and return the Earth to the Eden it once was…NAY, fuck that. I’m gonna give a farm girl huge tits”

  3. Derek

    I thought this chicks name was Kelly Brook?

    Guess they both have the same mass appeal.

  4. She hit the wall fast. Then ate it.

  5. J-Dizzle

    While her tits are big, lets be real. She’s not curvy. Kelly Brook, she’s curvy. Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, they’re curvy. She’s pretty much straight up and down. She’s thick though. The bust/waist/hip ratio isn’t there. She’s all tits and not much more.

    • Exactly this. Why no one else can see this, I guess is because men are dumb animals in general. I’m one of them. Her body type is NOT sexy or womanly, just very specific sections of it are.

  6. monkeybutt

    She looks like early nineties Anna Nicole Smith with down syndrome. Outside of her giant tits I have no idea why people think she is attractive.

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