1. it had to be said

    I like that look. A lot.

  2. A-Ron

    dat feel when you turn perversion into a lucrative career

  3. Mickey01232000

    Only when you look like that with that rack can you get away with having no rythm and no talent.

  4. squidwisk

    Shake it don’t break it, bb. This is a service to mankind.

  5. The Most Interesting

    And… clicking “View Full Size”… Proceed.

  6. gasdgadsgasdgasdasdasdasd

  7. So White

    Did she have to bite her bottom lip like Brad on the office Christmas party dance floor?

  8. Terry Richardson is like the Holy Grail for attention whores.

  9. 7777

    Looks clumsy. whats sexy about that?

  10. Squiggy

    How the hell is this not #1? It’s pretty much the greatest thing ever on the internet, and I normally barely look at blondes (don’t worry, I didn’t mean YOU, silly). Yeah, ok, I totally look at blondes but you know what I mean…

  11. Gin&Tonic

    was anybody else trying to wax a poetical about her tits and then you looked up and were like “wait, her face’s pretty hot too”?

  12. Hugh G. Rection

    I have the same problem. I’m just to god damn good looking.

  13. Without those tits she’d just be the same as any of 1,000s of cheerleaders across the country……so yeah, I’d still want to.

  14. Sven

    Like Kate Upton, Jennifer Love Hewitt or Kat Dennings would not have careers without their racks.

    Two Broke Girls is HORRIBLE.

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