1. brick

    I pick Leslie!

  2. TheSupFan

    Kate is the youngest by far and yet the absolutely most out of shape. For a “model” shouldn’t she be a little indulgent on the big macs and more dedicated to the crunches? She’s just sloppy.

  3. brick

    So the Lion, the Hippo, and the Gazelle all went down to the water hole…..

  4. Leslie looks the best by far

  5. Estelle Costanza

    damn it, who keeps giving Kate pie??? y’all know she can’t gain an ounce with her apple body type… crash & burn’s inevitable tho… everybody’s souping this poor girl’s head up with boobs this, jiggle that, gorgeous face the other & her no a**-having thick-waisted self is gonna get a false sense of security & think she can eat what the normal hip-waist ratio girls eat, then sabotage away to some binge-y behavior… just watch

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