1. Flesh Gordon

    Suck in that gunt.

  2. Lynz

    Really, people like you are whats wrong with society. This girl is gorgeous, has curves, has a womanly body, but you pretty much call her fat. Thanks for making the rest of us normal looking people feel huge and hippo-like, truly i guess the only way you can be beautiful in todays world is if your body fat content is non-existent and you dont like to eat. Girls get to work hard for bodies to get critical men to like us. Thanks.

    • Clearly she’s not a hippo, but her proportions are so weird that she seems to have a gigantic belly just because she has a wide torso and no waistline, and that wouldn’t change even if she lost all her body fat.

    • lily

      lol i love how people say she has curves when her body is basically just two untoned stick legs on a doughy block shaped torso with gigantic boobs. shes not fat but her body is really average and way to underwhelming to be on the cover of SI

  3. Cheds

    She’s sloppy and shaped like a coke can. It makes fat people feel better that’s why they like her. No 20 year old should be shaped like this and sports illustrated should be promoting fitness, not this pig of a girl. She clearly isn’t even trying to look fit. If she had some muscle or toning it wouldn’t matter if she were bigger but she’s a gelatinous blob. I’m really sick of her. I try hard to be fit and healthy and this is the kind of crap that’s getting glorified these days. Look past the floppy saggy boobs please.

  4. mike

    Shes has big tits other then that she has no figure, shes overrated.

  5. Lol

    The ONLY reason people make a big deal out of her is her boobs. She has stick legs, no waist, WEIRD proportions, a butterface….I know no one is perfect, but omg is she overrated.

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