1. Dermont

    Jesus Christ is she pregnant?

  2. Sam

    She’d be perfect if she only had a waist

  3. matt

    bloated, distended stomach, mouth never closes all the way, obnoxious mole.. but apparently she’s perfect because he has a nice face and great tits.

  4. Mr. C

    Omfg that gut! This pic won’t make it into SI! I notice all the shots of her she has her mid section cleverly hidden…she’s a slob of a person and she doesn’t deserve the attention she’s getting.

  5. Really?

    You guys are all a bunch of faags

  6. well, now we know why they put a jacket on her.

  7. Bettic

    Its an odd angle she isn’t fat. This is a film still so it’s distorted anyway, that and its not a cleverly picked and photoshopped version of a final image, so it’s never going to look great. But NONE of you would turn her down or even dream of calling her fat if you met her in real life. Stop being so critical, go look in the mirror and acknowledge your own faults!

  8. Skeeter

    If she’s fat, I’m handsome.

  9. sam

    Kate Upton is soo fucking fat (for a model) it discusts me she’s not embarrassed taking her clothes off.. that is not a model !!!

    everyone saying she is not fat stop trying to come up with excuses like of its a bad angle.. no she’s a fucking LARD

    someone please take the food away from her she obviously can’t handle it.

  10. DPP

    Why are there people calling her fat? She is far from fat. She is the closest to a normal bodied female. I’d prefer that more models looked like her–not the waif-thin heroin looking women who used to strut the catwalk in the 90s. I doubt those calling her fat are actually men despite their acronyms. In addition, if the comments are from men, you are either trolling or probably don’t even have a chance to meet a woman of any type. All this negativity is a shame.

  11. Skeeter

    Look, she’s not fat. I’d gladly eat her butthole if I could bang her and I don’t make that offer for fat chicks.

  12. lily

    wow she has really packed on the pounds

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