1. Damaged

    To be honest, I didn’t even see the headphones until I read the Headline!

  2. My ears have a boner.

  3. Cheds

    How original. She’s in a bikini again.. They hide her shapeless midsection in these ads I’ve noticed. Good call because she’s shaped like a coke can. They could’ve done far better than to just get some flavor of the week bimbo to pose vapidly with headphones. I guess there is a huge demographic for this type of marketing, it just makes me sad.

  4. ellie

    She really needs a well fitting bra. :( She’s a pretty girl with nice boobs (obviously), but bulging out of your tops like that isn’t only unattractive, but actually sags your boobs even faster.

  5. She is far gorgeouser than you two haters so shaaddup

  6. Is Fish trying to tell us something? Three posts of Kate Upton….I like my coffee with sugar and lots of milk,latte maybe…

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