1. Deacon Jones

    Now we just need a giant scimitar to slice her in half and stitch Jessica Biel’s lower body back on.

    • KV

      Thank you for agreeing. Doesnt her body look weird from her breast down ? I know guys wouldnt notice or care but…

  2. lily

    without the boobs her body would so completely underwhelming.

  3. lily wishes she didn’t have lesbian fantasies all the time, but…

  4. Louise

    are boobs really so impressive to men that they override the rest of a girl’s body & face? I just don’t get the appeal here.. yes she has big boobs… and??

    • TheO

      … and I stopped listening to you after you asked me to look at her impressive boobs.

    • Josephus

      Are salaries really so impressive to women that they override the rest of a man’s personality and demeanor?

      In short, yes.

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