1. Mr. Poop

    Now that is a nice pair o’ boobies

  2. Deacon Jones

    What would make this pic even better, is if she was getting plowed, and they did a gif image of those beasts flopping up and down in slow motion.

  3. that mole on her lip is a little distracting. Let’s see if I can buff that off…with my penis.

  4. Yes, this picture is missing my genitals in her mouth.

  5. Cock Dr

    To those nay sayers who claim that the US doesn’t manufacture anything good anymore…..exhibit A: Kate Upton.

  6. Naw

    You can see the implant outlines

    • Krissy

      It’s a sad world when even obviously real tits are being called fake. As a female, I can vouch for her that those are real. When a woman has large breasts and then lays on her back, they kind of slide to the side and into her armpit. With the amount of tissue she has in her boobs, there’s going to be an outline where the breast tissue starts to fall on top of regular tissue. Especially in a place where there’s a significan slope downwards, like the armpit area when she’s laying down. That tissue doesn’t just melt away, it has to go somewhere. If they were fake, they would still be incredibly rounded and at attention, so to speak.

      • Connie Lingus

        Krissy, you know fuck-all about real tits, because those are as fake as they come.

      • whomsoever

        Krissy, I hear you. I’m a guy that hates it too. I go to myfreecams a lot and if a girl has boobs that don’t move at all. There’s always a dumbfuck guy asking if they are real and vice versa. This guy must be a virgin and never touched a boob. And knows shit about physics. Those tits are real. If you see any “lines”, they are stretch marks.

    • TJ

      LOL! She is 100% real. Fake tits don’t bounce and jiggle like hers.

    • quickrick

      That’s as natural as it can get! Whoever says those tits are fake has issues! or hasn’t had a pair of nice jiggly natural funbags in their hands!

  7. Ass Clown

    Waaaaay too many moles

  8. Donald Brisson

    Kate, I just want to say that you are the most beautiful lady i have ever seen. Your admirer Donald

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