1. Inner Retard

    Never understood her appeal. Other than her tits she has barrel body, moon pie face, and no ass. Does have nice tits though. Did I say that already?

  2. elliotspitzer

    I’d smash that shit like I was Gallagher in a watermelon factory.

  3. I can’t help it, every time I see her a spooge a little……

  4. Lissa

    Wow, just read the comment from Sophia for the first time. Doesn’t she know that her models are dating/married to actors, singers and athletic players? To make a comment like that when all your models are doing the exact same thing is absurd. Also, she is insulting a beautiful woman who comes from a very distinguished family. And I feel like it’s a backhanded comment to football players and all of their wives on top of it all-way to go insulting the American public’s favorite past time! What an idiot she is-VS should fire her.

    • My younger brother (he got the looks in the family) is a professional model (has been in A&F, J. Crew, etc) and that heartless, cruel remark by Sophia Neophitou is not only how she acts all the time, but the way almost everybody who casts or makes decisions in the modelling “world” acts.

      In the modelling world, you’re not a person, you’re a product, a thing. Things don’t have feelings. And being a hateful bitch is considered an asset in your work. That’s just the way it is.

      FWIW, Kate Upton is a Size 4. That’s hardly fat when the average American woman is a Size 14 and Marilyn Monroe was (by today’s sizing standards) a Size 4 as well (although Monroe had a 22 inch waist and so was much trimmer in that respect than KU).

  5. Leigh

    That hair in her face and the fake mole looks fukn stupid

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