1. RacistPete

    I would do such treasonous things to her…

  2. I see nothing special about the asses on these women. Why is everyone going on and on about them?

  3. lily

    her ass is nothing special…in fact its flat like a pancake. but they work with what they have in great britain…not many attractive women hail from there…

  4. Tyler Perry

    gorgeous face, butt is too small

  5. wilbur wonka

    I like girls with a small ass. there is less there to get in the way when I fuck them from behind and I can get my dick up in there further and harder

  6. Johnny

    She is a Goddess tier specimen of a female. Beautiful face, tall and thin, long shapely and graceful legs with perfect leg to torso proportion. She just oozes poise, class and beauty. I would be able to die happy if I could bask in her glory all day and night. What a lucky man that fucking guy is!

    • Heechul's Yeojachingoo

      Kate has the long torso/short legs combo going on. Because she is tall most people assume she’s leggy. She’s beautiful but short legged.

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