1. Cock Dr

    Tattoo on ankle?

  2. Sir. Weenie

    she’d be kinda milfin if she wasnt such a stuck up bitch. aaand the fact that eight little kids destroyed her pussy.

  3. Turd Ferguson

    Haggardly. And the ankle tat is Winnie the Poo. She is a money grubbing bitch.

  4. stinkdaddy

    I gotta be fair, she doesn’t look that bad here. If I had no idea who this was or what history she had I’d probably wanna hit it.

    Of course it’s probably all held together with duct tape and corsets. Comes flying out at you like peanut-brittle snakes when the clothes come off.

    Eh, I’ll pass.

  5. Grrrr

    Are you really that stupid?? Considering she had a c-section… theres not a damn thing wrong with her puss lol

  6. momo


  7. pak31

    She looks like a middle aged mom trying to look hip and young and it isn’t working. That hair, yikes, she looks like she’s 50 years old. Just awful.

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