1. last

    You’re a strange one…Mr. Grinch.

  2. bs3n21

    I’m an RN. I can’t imagine a monster like that helping anyone. Guess we’ll have to put double locks on the narcotics cabinet.

  3. girlface

    She kind of looks like E.T. in the scene when Drew Barrymore dresses him up to look like a woman. The dangers of Hollywood, folks. They’re legit.

  4. Start a new TLC, “Kate that we Berate.” That should be a big hit. Although, “The Kate that we Hate,” might work also.

  5. Coyote

    How long till She tries to do Hugh Hefner and Playboy?

  6. KC

    How can she be broke with gold trading over $1800 an ounce? Just sell some of that skin.

  7. DK

    She looks way better now that she left that bum husband of hers!

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