1. Alexis

    Kate, who spends her entire life controlling, coordinating, and confrontational
    approach to life, have left her and eight children without a concrete or stable
    financial future.
    *Smile, like theirs no camera or when you feel Happy!
    *Let your children be happy, without a reward. Small things
    helps them to become “real” and happy adults.
    * Seek support from others to help both you and your children.
    *Cosmopolitan Kate is alright but your charming Kate hit the
    *Start each day with a smile, kind words, an unexpected good
    deed, and peace. HAPPINESS WILL FOLLOW!
    * Find out whats most important in life. Let go of your wants and
    be delighted with your needs.

    Thank you and your wonderful children for a fantastic five years.
    A friend

  2. k333ly

    I love the face the guy behind her is making.

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