1. duckbutter

    Jesus, look at those white chunky sandal things. “Do you know how I know you’re white trash?”

    Looks like some shit you find on the trashy fat whores at the jersey shore, stank fat bitches that sweat like men….. I feel like a vietnam vet right now with some flashbacks.

    • whatev

      I think those shoes are hot. I’d lick her sandals and then lick her feet. Then I’d fuck her feet and cum on em and lick that cum off. She’s fucking got hot ass feet. My cock is hard looking at them in these pictures. Hell…she could piss on em and I’d lick her piss and my piss off em too! I gotta go jack off now. I’m fucking rock hard!!

  2. sasha

    I think this woman is an idiot but give me a break! Once you’ve had a couple of dozen kids we’ll see what you look like. No, let’s do it now. I dare any of you to put on a skimpy suit and let us pick you apart.

    • Mandy

      I completely agree with you! I always thought I looked pretty good for having 2 kids, but after reading the comments on this site and sites like it, I am completely terrified to even put on a one piece! I am about 5’3″ and 118lbs… no stretch marks, but you can tell I’m not an 18 year old child free woman! It’s like the pictures of Jennifer Lopez where she has “cellulite”. To me, she looks great for a 40 something year old mom. Maybe it’s just high expectations for celebrities? I’ll just keep telling myself that!

    • Angie

      Yea, but we all didn’t get plastic surgery to help our bods for bikini wear.

  3. beba

    poor kids …

  4. silentneo

    Everyone can comment on “how great she looks for giving birth to a basketball team” but you all need to realize that she had a tummy tuck courtesy of TLC after she had her brood.

  5. Turd Ferguson


  6. kate

    she should really stop trying to look good,
    #1. it’s not working
    #2. no man, not even the father of these kids, wants a woman with 8 children.
    #3. it’s not working ( ie. what is up with her ass???)

  7. Cock Dr

    Thanks for all the “sinkhole vagina” jokes back on the main page. Funny stuff.
    She must be quite the bitch to attract such animosity.

  8. anukexpat

    Come one guys, you all know you would giver her one if given the opportunity…

  9. TruantOfficer

    Shouldn’t that platoon of rugrats be back in school???

    Oh……wait………probably home schooled by her/his undeservedly deep pockets

  10. hotmama`

    Get a life! Your jelousy and disrespect is undeserving. So what, she has more money than you will ever have because she had multiple births that resulted in publicity, then a TV special, then a reality show. WHO CARES? So what if she is bitchy. You would be too with 8 kids, a POS ex husband, and all the gossip!

    • Sandra

      I agree, poor Kate. She looks great all things considered and clearly she was being spied on for these photos. How would you feel if you’re sunbathing and then a bunch of pictures were posted ripping you to shreds for every flaw?

      • rachel

        yeahhh right, LOVES the attention…its sad that those 8 kids have to watch there mom be a whore..if you look at her photos from 2000-2011 you’ll see after all the plastic surgeries she slowly becomes a even bigger whore

    • shut up Kate!

      whatever keep posting kate if you say it enough you might believe it

  11. “Listen you little shits! Javier’s on his way to get me so just STAY BACK! STAY BACK I say!!! I have pepper spray!….”

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