1. misterfister

    To think she gave birth to a litter of half breeds.

  2. dobbie

    she had a tattoo, until she got her tummy tuck they had to cut part of it off. She has a pretty good body for her age and her tits are definitely fake!

  3. I’d rather bang Amber Portwood…

  4. Honest Abe

    I’m sooo going to crank off to this pic when I get home!!

  5. Reggie Rhino

    Modern science is amazing: They took a pile of crap and built a replicate-woman out of it. The wonders of science and engineering at their finest!

  6. jamie

    I don’t give a damn about Kate Gosselin, usually. But now I sort of want to beat her up and steal that bikini. That thing is cute as hell.

  7. B. Obama

    Hhhmmm. I find myself oddly attracted to that hot mess of a fertility goddess. I wonder if I can get her pregnant just by whacking to her photos???

  8. “Ahh… relaxing by the pool… just another perfect da— say, what is that child doing over there…”

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