1. Nancy Pelosi

    Saying Kate is the more respectable person between John and Kate is like saying Muhammad Atta is the more respectable hijacker.

  2. Nancy Pelosi

    Oh and first (and second) bitches.

  3. burton

    her kid looks distgusted.

  4. Mike

    To be honest about it, I think she looks great considering having 8 kids. She is sexy to me.

  5. kkat

    Her ass is terrible

  6. bigdawgg

    fn flat ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nancy Cuntlosi

    Not a good suit for her. Something a little more cheek covering would do her well.

  8. Sam

    Did anyone notice that it looks like she has a tattoo over her left ankle as well.(picture 8)

  9. Angie

    NO BUTT on this hag

  10. Dano

    She has skin like a Stretch Armstrong doll.

  11. “NO! Stop touching me! They’re surrounding me! Shit… let me call Javier….”

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