1. Joe Blow

    I believe that tat reads “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”.

  2. Joe Blow


  3. “Your cock must be this long to be admitted to this ride.”

  4. benminer

    it’s a cover-up tattoo, that’s actually where her vag starts now.

  5. Audrey Jo

    What I do see is: she’s totally pulling it out. She has never looked so great and I wish I had hose legs. I was not like that not even in my 20′s. In real world, getting that nice is hard.

  6. josh

    What an ugly women :-(
    Her feet are neandertalian !

  7. B. Obama

    She can spank me like one of her kids looking like that.

  8. ophelia

    Cripes people, the woman is not my favorite nor do I believe she is in the least bit nice or talented. But you have to give her credit, she works hard on her body. Granted she had to have a tummy tuck to get rid of the excess skin, but she didn’t waste that opportunity, she took it and works to keep her body in good shape. I bet over half of you picking on her body are fat and have nothing better to do with your time.

  9. dave

    She needs to get rid of the extra belly skin…..and the attitude.

  10. Jaariel

    Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here–FTW!

  11. Charlie O

    She’s not really very nice but damn she’s looking good!!! She’s been a bad girl and needs somebody to spank that sweet little ass of hers!!

  12. Jam

    Couldn’t give a rat’s ass about this person – but those are some deliciously meaty thighs.

  13. “Oh, shit… here come more of them…”

  14. Kateishott

    I would love to get on top of that and bang her into next week!!!!!

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