1. Exaactly

    she looks damn good even if shes crazy

  2. Word on the street is it’s not even a tattoo, but rather the trigger for the t-shirt cannon that is her vagina.

  3. Christy

    She’s had since before her slew of children. Half of it was removed when she got a tummy tuck.

  4. Kristine

    What a lying hag… the kids get expelled and mommy takes them on an extended vacation abroad- with her paid purse boy. No real friends, no real family, and no man on earth wants her. I DON’T SEE THIS CHANGING ANYTIME SOON.

  5. Sam

    Boy she has some BIG old Fat feet!

  6. Ben Dover

    Stop, just fuckin stop with this bitch.
    My God why is she news

  7. stripperorphanage

    I think shes still hot

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