1. Meh

    I wish this stupid cunt would just go away already.

  2. wulfsong

    This bimbo got famous for spewing out a bunch of kids she couldn’t afford. Typical trash that is looked down on by the majority of the “mediocre” society. If she really needs money then she should do porn like any other hard-working “actress” that can’t find work. How about lesbo porn with octo-mom.

  3. Jillia

    Her face is scaring me. Did she get work done or something? Eye lift maybe? I’m not good at this game. Either way, that is not natural.

  4. I can’t stand this woman, but in all fairness to her, eight kids are a lot to take care of on a nurse’s salary even if they live minimally.

  5. jdjones

    I feel sorry for her kids. Really. Think about how demanding she’ll be when they grow up.

    “YOU OWE ME!!”

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