1. megasm

    If you look close enough they both read “we love to ruin families”….

    • BanDit82Baby

      Ha!!! Its the brand you get after being excepted into the League of Unexceptional Sluts.

      • What makes Kate Gosselin a slut?

      • BarneyFrank

        She is a slut because the media says so. Now march off mindlessly and repeat over and over in a zombie out of body sort of way, Kate Gosselin is a slut, Kate Gosselin is a slut, Kate Gosselin is a slut,………

  2. nisro

    at least the tattoo distracts from the lypo scars and whatnot all of kates ragges out mid section.

  3. Hmmmmm

    I hate that you made me look Soup…my penis is so confused, poor little fella.

  4. stevethequeen

    they may have the same tattoo, but rimes looks a bit better with hers…

  5. Marco

    Whats that weird pimple growth near Kate’s tattoo?

  6. Daryl G.

    They’re not quite exactly the same.

  7. Elle

    Divorce Stamp?

  8. GravyLeg

    It says “Mattel”.

  9. Tina

    actually kate’s tattoo use to be a rose until she got a tummy tuck and it had to be chopped up… this was noted in one of her episodes awhile back. so this is def not the same tattoo

  10. burtch

    Eww my God, does Kate have nasty zits or what? Hurrrlll

  11. scott

    hell, I’d hit either one!!!!!

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