1. 9sn

    wow she is rocking..

  2. 9sn

    wow. she is rocking.

  3. Deacon Jones

    hmm, still keeping a nice shape to the bottom half there…

  4. meat


  5. The convenient arm placement leads me to believe her nipples are different colors, too.

  6. Josh

    nice boobies, small and perky and REAL…i am tired of seeing basketball halves shoved into breast pockets, please put pics of more women with REAL and hopefully small/medium boobies :0 love it!

  7. Yes, she is topless = not much at the bottom and even less at the top. :P

  8. Lars

    Nothing more beautiful than real breasts! What a refreshing change! She’s looking good.

  9. wheelz

    It should have read: Kate Bosworth Is Topless, (And No One Can Tell The Difference!)

  10. Hank

    That’s child porn, cause it seems to me that papz just shot a 12 y.o. girl…

  11. anon

    For all of you saying she has the body of a 12 year old girl or a boy, no she doesn’t. She’s not voluptuous, but she has subtle curves.

    12 year old girls are skinny like a stick and have no boobs at all (relax… I’m a girl speaking from experience). And last time I checked boys don’t have boobs nor long hair so there is NO WAY she would ever be mistaken for a boy.

    Yes, her breasts are small but so what? Breasts are for feeding babies anyway and her’s will do the job just fine. All you people who judge based on cup size are immature. Variety is the spice of life and her body is a perfect example of a normal girl who you would see anywhere, well maybe except for the fact that she’s very fit… I’ll concede that there is quite a bit of flab out in the real world…

    • Shaheryar


      I love Kate Bosworth and I love you. I love small appeared girls with everything small rather than females whose breasts are like football. Really hate big

  12. The Winchester

    Are her nipples two different colors, like her eyes are?

  13. Mike

    I have nothing against natural breasts – BUT – she’s so dang skinny!

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