1. bearman85

    Lucky son of a motherless goat…

  2. Gerttastic

    You didn’t have to include #6 you know. Sweet Lord she is majestic.

    And the accent . . .have to go now.

  3. Any Guy

    DAMN you Fish. why the fuck did you post this last pic? BASTARD.

  4. Cock Dr

    That’s some hot stuff. Got more pics of the hanky panky?

  5. The Most Interesting

    That motorboatin’ SON OF A BITCH!

  6. backdoor man

    Just when it looked like Angry Birds was about to make people with vaginas obsolete something like this finds its way on the Internet.

  7. I’m not actually going to cut off his hands and wear them like gloves, but the thought did cross my mind.

  8. Maximus

    Amen, Fish.

  9. world traveller


  10. eatme

    …alls i have to say is that les better not fuck up Total Recall

  11. HotcakeHank

    No thanks, I had pancakes for breakfast.

    • GeeBird

      Clearly not flat, look how his hands are cupping it. You can’t tell if a woman has a good bedonk from telephoto shots taken from half a mile away.

  12. White hot


  13. He can cure with his hands now.

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