1. addled

    he looks thrilled.

    • TONNI

      Thats what I was going to say! The so called ‘man’ cant even act like he’s happy. As long as he ‘gets it’ when, where and how he wants it, then life is good for Jesse! Scum BAG!

  2. Julie

    It looks like he cut the head off a cadaver and stuck it onto a well tanned body. Kat used to be hot… wtf happened?

    • jess

      I kindaaa agree. I personally don’t think she looks as hot as she used to but at the end of the day it’s not all about looks she’s still awesome :)

  3. mark

    Gee she looks like a money-hungry …

  4. fn*MI

    is she prego?

  5. TONNI

    Too bad there isnt a rock big enough for both of them to climb under and never return…..this is entertainment at its finest ! Always good for a laugh!

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