1. Michael

    She looks like Michael Jackson in the second pic.

  2. RantingOne

    Damn man….she does!! Totally MJ with a stank vag….

  3. fap

    Anyone know if “that” used to be a guy? C’mon, someone must have the dirt.

  4. I bet shes a freak in the sheets

    • TattooOfBlood

      If by “freak” you mean her wig falls off, her makeup melts off and you see what’s under that horrible mess and it makes you want to cry and call your mommy, then, yes I guess you’re probably right.

  5. Vistoria

    Freddy Kruger dates Michael Jackson…

  6. He looks…tolerant. And she looks like a wax figure of Sandra, but slutty.

  7. LadyB02

    ok are we on baby bump alert or is she just trying to make us think she is..

  8. jess

    Eurggg you all make me sick. Shallow, shallow people. I bet you know nothing about Kat and are judging her purely on one photo. Go and do something positive and make someone feel good about themselves instead of wasteing your time on this negativity.

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