1. Grinder

    She is NOT aging well … and is begining to look like Chyna’s mutant daughter. [Chyna the wrestler / actor]

  2. lkj

    She needs to shave her head and wear wigs while her scalp recovers. All those crazy dye-jobs and treatments cause lots of women to go bald. Lather some olive oil on that noggin!

    • diego

      Seriously. And I’m sure the 10 Gallons of ink that are currently embedded in her flesh might have a little something to do with it as well. That sutff can’t be healthy.

      • Steph

        Tattoos have NO effect on your hair growth! so shut up and stop being so bloody horrible to someone who has 10 times more talent than you ever will!

  3. Is that Rumor Willis? Morphing into octomom. She’s not that attractive and the tatoos are skanky.

  4. Pixie

    Well women going bald is not at all uncommon. My hair started thinning at 17, and by 22 I was wearing bonded hairpieces. She has clearly been wearing wigs for a while, so it might be something she has been dealing with for a long time. People who never have to worry about their hair rarely notice thin/thinning hair, but as a girl with alopecia, I do and believe me, I see YOUNG people (teens and up) with their scalp showing all the time, whether it be pattern baldness or alopecia areata, or other conditions.

  5. I’m not into dudes, but this one is hot!

  6. blah

    Apparently she is losing her hair due to stress over her show and her long-distance relationship.

  7. Caitlin

    Kat wears wigs CONSTANTLY on LA Ink. I wonder how long this problem has been occurring??

  8. black lady

    she is prob wearing a wig in this pic with bleached knots that accidentally bleached some of the hair causing it to look like more exposed scalp when the flash goes off in a photo. if you part your own hair and take a pic of your scalp with flash, your part will look way bigger in the photo

  9. Randi

    Quit hating on Kat you guys! Her look, style, personality, and talent are all amazing so leave her alone and go pick on Bieber or something. Btw, I LOVE her shirt in this pic, anyone perhaps know the brand or where to get one like it? Thanks.

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