1. Doctari

    Stupid is as stupid does… Even a fictional movie character makes more sense than her introspective tripe.

  2. Who could have guessed that entering a relationship with the guy who cheated on his wife with you would end in him cheating on you. In Kat’s defense, there’s just no way you could see that coming.

  3. personality disorders

    She is a passive narcissist. He is a complete narcissist. She seriously belived (distorted reality) that her love is more special than Sandra’s. That he was being abused, or was, and somehow, that is an excuse. She deludes herself- like so many women out of ego, desperation, and lonliness.
    Men do this as well, but at a far lesser extent.
    People tell you who they are through behavior. What they have to say means nothing.

  4. steeznutz

    At the same time? High five!

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