1. Butt plugger

    Well I’ll be a motorboating son of a bitch

  2. Kodos

    busty goodness!

  3. karlito

    here we go again…another plain looking girl with big tits and she’s being portrayed as the next hot sex kitten. this girl is built like a linebacker, has no emotional depth and her acting is terrible. her show has got to be one of the worst on TV but for some reason beyond all belief, it’s still on.

    • Well, if she’s a linebacker, she is officially at the top of my “linebackers I want to fuck” list, displacing Lawrence Taylor from his number one slot (I’m sorry, Larry, but my heart has found another).

    • FireStarter

      She’s so fucking hot! what are you talking about! I wouldn’t take my cock out of her holes ever If she was my gf.

  4. Nope

    Someone teach this bitch to do her hair and makeup.

  5. Jill Ess

    That clamp looks painful.

  6. Fred Chilton

    I had to look twice

  7. Number 2

    Her show is terrible.

  8. Jason

    Two Broke Girls completely ruined her for me. I hate that show (and her in it) so much.

  9. Leiy

    Trying WAY TOO HARD to be like CH. I wonder what contraption was used to make them look that way. If you look at the outline and how the whole breasts would look underneath, it just looks so unnatural…

  10. Derp

    No. No she’s not.

  11. Cardinal Fang

    Kat’s ability to move chest fat up to create massive cleavage almost rivals that of the master of on-demand cleavage masteress Christina Hendricks

  12. le mem

    but …. her …. face!!!!

  13. Prancing nugget

    Nothing spectacular about her face. If she was not famous and she walked past you on the street you wouldn’t even notice her… well, maybe you’d notice her because of those massive boobs.

  14. Dr. Ike

    She looks like she’d be filthy in the bedroom. I bet she enjoys a good fisting and butt reaming.

  15. shhhemp

    Can you imagine what that ass must look like without all that drapery-like dress covering things up? She’s a big girl. She has obviously lost some weight (especially around her waist), but that ass is probably still big and amazing-looking.

    She’s big like Liv Tyler used to be big. Gorgeous face, and a big “built for comfort” bod. Ah loves me some pudge/chubb on a girl ;)

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