1. who was the art directer on this shoot? her tag is hanging out and her strap is all twisted! unprofessional.

  2. memem

    I’d stick it in.

  3. Yep

    The Victoria’s Secret price tag is still on…. she’s returning it afterwards.

  4. like memem said up there, he’d stick it in, so would most of the men looking at this. Thing is, since they don’t have this little slut to stick it in, then like the 62 yr. old down the street, the 3rd in a series of sex offender notices I’ve gotten recently who molested a 7 year old relative, then that’s what women like this promote and encourage, MORE SEX OFFENDERS. And you’re a damn fool if you bash this comment. Women like this are like people, well like those boys last year who teased and taunted a tiger, causing it to jump the walls of it’s pen, killing one and seriously injuring another. Sorry they suffered, BUT, they deserved what they got. In cases where some child suffered like the one in this latest sex offense on my street, she was the unfortunate one, it should have been the Karissa’s of the world that suffer, not some innocent child.

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