1. Misana

    Her nose looks funny


    Stupid no-name whore wore a ring with her name on in because NO ONE KNOWS OR CARES WHO THIS STD-INFECTED, bleached-hair, black-eye-shadow-smearing, dime-a-dozen-Los Angeles hooker is.

  3. Sylea

    I don’t understand why this seems to work every time — Here is how it goes: A no name gets a little fame, then they get the gossip rags and websites to ACTUALLY get them free publicity by posting stories like this. ANYONE who thinks this bitch didn’t pose for these pictures is crazy. If she is posing, what does that mean? PUBLICITY STUNT!!!

    If gossip mags and websites would stop running these stories, these people would go back to their ordinary lives.

    Paris Hilton is a great example, the only reason anyone knows her is because she released a sex tape then pretended she didn’t. Suddenly, everyone knows who Paris Hilton is…WOW.. Does no one pay attention anymore? The sad thing is, she has actually made millions because people actually think or thought..she is interesting.

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