1. FCK

    WTF is wrong with that guy… with a hot ass like that and he’s reading a magazine

  2. diogo

    he has seen her naked, he doesn’t need to stare anymore

  3. Good_Grief

    Goofy Troll.

  4. Yer Mom

    I love it when the airbrushed playmates get caught with no photoshop around. she’s workn some cottage cheese on the back of them legs.

  5. kanyeisgay

    Hef should keep the R-WORDED N-WORDS out of the Mansion !

  6. Dr. Hufurrrrr

    What the shit? Voodoo, that’s the only explanation.

  7. roma

    Is it me, or does this look like an interracial Heidi & Spencer. He’s faking reading Fortune while his hoe-bag bottle blonde nymph writhes around for the camera, as if he was even fucking rich. You know that Smallville money only bought so much hookers and coke. Now he has to pimp out Hef’s leftovers. Fuck ‘em both. Next…

  8. pdub

    boner achieved.

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